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V5D for Unreal is a comprehensive Unreal Engine (UE) plugin that not only lets you create and deploy game-quality visuals for simulations, but it also allows you to scale and extend the application to achieve high-density scenes across wide geographic areas in real-time.

CDB and GIS Source Loading

Highly efficient CDB and GIS source loading

  • Fully multi-threaded – built for performance and high frame rates
  • Built from years of experience in CDB loading optimization
Leverages Game Engine Quality

Leverages Game Engine Quality

  • Full lighting model support with shadows and reflections
  • Supports PBR (material for light reflection, water)
Enhancement from CDB Datasets

Runtime rendering enhancement from CDB datasets

  • Procedural imagery enhancement
  • Procedural road surface textured polygon support from CDB road vector
Support for simulation

Support for simulation

  • Ability to activate physics and collision mesh around the viewpoint
  • Supports DIS, CIGI, Ncom, HAT/HOT messages, special effects, and animations

Press releases

V5D for Unreal plugin available on the Unreal Marketplace

Build simulation applications on large geospatial digital twins and synthetic environments.

Presagis unveils new V5D plugin for Unreal Engine

Presagis announced the availability of the V5D Plugin for Unreal Engine, the most powerful 3D computer graphics engine on the market today.

Presagis turns Unreal into Digital Twin

The plugin allows city planners to visualize and model complete transport routes, utility corridors, urban districts and extensive urban landscapes with complete geospatially accurate 3D simulations.

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V5D for Unreal enables Unreal Engine users to build simulation applications on large geospatial digital twins